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Adult Orthodontics

If you thought braces are just for children, it's time this viewpoint. changed

Maybe you didn't get braces when you needed them as a child, or maybe you did, but you stopped wearing your retainer. Orthodontics can still help you. You are never too old for a beautiful smile.

Change your smile and change your life
We have seen patients achieve amazing transformations, not only in their smiles but in their attitudes, after getting orthodontic treatment. Never underestimate the power of a smile to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Straight teeth are healthy teeth
Crooked or misaligned teeth are harder to clean and can lead to a whole host of potentially serious oral health problems. Orthodontic treatment NOW can save you a lot of money you'd have to spend for dental treatment later.

These aren't the braces you remember
Don't forget, braces have come a long way in recent years. They are more comfortable, the treatment times are shorter, and require fewer visits. There are new materials, and new appliances - many of which are barely noticeable, if it all. With the many options available today, it's never been easier or more convenient to achieve a sensational smile.

Your best investment
A new smile is unlike anything you can buy to enhance your appearance. A third of our patients are adults, and after they see their new smiles many of them tell us they wish they had done it sooner.

These are the people who know the value of a healthy smile - people who realize the best investment you can make is in yourself.

If your smile is not becoming to you, you should be coming to us! Make an appointment for a FREE consultation and make one of your best investments - an investment in yourself.


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